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Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees
District Grand Council of South Africa

R W Bro L A Martin

District Grand Prefect

Deputy District Grand Prefect

W Bro G J Barlow

Assistant District Grand Prefect

Allied Degrees

District Grand Recorder:

W Bro. D I Pickard
17 High Road
Orchards 2192

Home Phone: 011 728 5091
Cell Phone: 082 216 3073
Email: david@pickard-family.co.za

History and Origin

Allied DegreesThe Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees was formed in 1879 to bring under its direction all lodges of various orders who recognised no central authority and were not regulated by the other major governing bodies. Initially the degrees of Grand High Priest, St Lawrence the Martyr, the Red Cross of Babylon and Knights of Constantinople placed themselves under the control of this body and by 1897 the degrees of Grand Tilers of Solomon, one degree of the Secret Monitor and the Order of Holy Wisdom (Knight Templar Priest grades) had also been included. Eventually, however, in 1923 a Grand College of Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests for England was erected at Newcastle and the Grand Council accordingly disclaimed control of this large group of degrees. Following this in 1931 the Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees agreed to cease working their single degree of the Secret Monitor and so today private Councils of the Order are empowered to work the degrees of:

St Lawrence the Martyr
Knight of Constantinople
Grand Tilers of Solomon
Red Cross of Babylon
Grand High Priest

In 1972 the title of this body was changed to the Grand Council of the Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees and today there are in excess of 75 Councils ranged under its banner.

Reference: 'Beyond the Craft' by Keith B Jackson. Published by: Ian Allan Publishing

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Council Meeting Places
Council Meeting Place
Germiston Allied Council No. 92 In Recess
Golden Harvest Allied Council No. 109 Johannesburg, Park Lane
Jeppestown Allied Council No. 91 Johannesburg, Kensington
Kosmos Allied Council No. 75 Johannesburg, Park Lane
Tygerberg Allied Council No. 93 Cape Town, Goede Hoop
Castle of Good Hope Allied Council No. 165 Cape Town, Pinelands

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