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Lion Of The North Chapter No. 3640

Consecrated 1945

Meeting at: Louis Trichardt - Masonic Hall, 127 Munnik Street

1st Thursday May, Aug, Nov, 1st Sat. Feb Inst Feb

Contact 082 494 6645

Chapter History

The lion of the North Chapter was consecrated in 1946 with Ex Comp B.J Conje the first First Principal.

The Chapter has in the main drawn its members from The Lion of the North Lodge and Messina Lodge. During Meetings in 1947 and 1948 on average three Brethren were Balloted for and Exalted. On 21st August 1948 no less than eight brethren were proposed for Exaltation, and over the next year these and others were Exalted two or three per meeting.

Despite this the Chapter had experienced many ups and downs At the installation meeting on 24th October 1952 Companion Cronje in his report referred to the fact that the chapter had been resuscitated rather than hand in the Charter. The resuscitated chapter had managed to do four exaltations and donate £ 100.00 to the Lion of the North Building fund that year.

The annual report in 1954 again reported low attendances although managing 5 exaltations , attendance picked up and by 1958 was averaging 12 per meeting.

The Chapter's fortunes have continued in similar vein for many years , experiencing lean and good years in quick succession. But the Chapter has continued to meet as scheduled and Exalt Companions.

We have been honoured to have two members of the Chapter achieve Grand Royal Arch Rank. Ex. Comp R.J.P. Dennet and Ex. Comp J.J. Huygen of Messina Lodge. Both of these Companions received the rank of Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies.