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Corinthian No. 7251

Consecrated 7th March 1953

Meeting at: Pretoria - Masonic Centre, Jukskei Ave., The Willows

Meeting Dates: 1st Wednesday (ex Jan, July) Inst Apr

Contact 082 600 6071

Lodge History

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The 22 petitioners considered a number of names and may well have been influenced in their final choice by the fact that, following on Ionic (in 1907) and Doric (in 1952), Corinthian completed the 'famous trio' within the District. The Lodge crest depicts the capital of a Corinthian pillar.

The Lodge met originally in Beatrix Street, and moved to van der Walt Street in 1955 and eventually to The Willows in February 1994.

There was an unusual admission in 1959, when a brother from the unrecognised National Grand Lodge of Egypt was a prospective candidate for membership. The Lodge was authorised to consider his application providing that he severed completely his 'Egyptian' masonic association for so long as the Grand Lodge remained unrecognised. This was done, and he was initiated, passed and raised in Corinthian.

An outstanding stalwart of the Lodge was W Bro Fred Fleischman, who was initiated in January 1956 and was eventually promoted, in 1984, to PDSGW. He received the District Grand Master's Certificate of Service in 1986.

The Lodge has had periods of considerable activity alternating with quiet spells. Currently its active membership is below the desirable level but hopefully the move to The Willows will create a more favourable environment.

Reference: 'A Century of Brotherhood' by A A Cooper & D E G Vieler