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Doric Lodge No. 7225

Consecrated 30th August 1952

Meeting at: Polokwane - Masonic Hall, 66 Voortrekker Street

Meeting Dates: 2nd Thursday (ex Dec) 1st Sat Aug Inst Aug

Contact 082 494 3864

Lodge History

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The Pietersburg area developed rapidly after the Second World War and the one English Constitution Lodge, Pietersburg United, readily agreed to sponsor a new lodge, Doric, which had 21 founders and rapidly grew in strength, with 26 candidates and joining members within the first five years. The lodge met in Pietersburg United's premises in Schoeman Street but in 1961 the two 'English' lodges, in conjunction with Star of the North Lodge (GLSA), agreed to build new premises in Voortrekker Street. These were completed in 1966 and provide a fine home for Freemasonry in Pietersburg.

In addition to a steady flow of candidates, Doric Lodge has been especially fortunate in its joining members, with Bros Tony Alberts (1952), Sid Bassingthwaighte (1960), Doug Southon (1963) and Boet Scholtz (1971) all coming in and playing such active parts in the lodge and in support of the District as to earn them Grand honours. Another feature of the lodge is that, in addition to a proper concern for good ritual, it has sought, over the years, to promote masonic knowledge, whether by efforts within the lodge (e.g. the 'masonic thought' in its programmes) or by visiting lecturers, who have included Bros Harry Carr, Colin Dyer and Cyril Batharn during visits from overseas, and the ever willing George Hookham. And in spite of quite heavy costs involved in establishing and maintaining the masonic hall, Doric has given good and consistent support to District appeals, as well as to local charities.

In June 1989 the lodge had the pleasure of welcoming the then Deputy Grand Master, RW Bro Lord Farnham, together with Lady Farnham and the Grand Director of Ceremonies, during a short visit to Pietersburg.

Reference: 'A Century of Brotherhood' by A A Cooper & D E G Vieler