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Edenvale Lodge No. 7593

Consecrated 5th November 1958

Meeting at: Johannesburg - Massonic Hall, Cnr Fanny Ave & Arthur Rd, Norwood

Meeting Dates: 1st Friday (ex Jan) Inst Nov

Contact 082 777 1404

Lodge History

Edenvale, in the 'fifties', was a fast growing suburb of Johannesburg and a strong demand arose for a 'local' lodge, leading eventually to over 40 brethren expressing interest. After some debate it was decided to 'go English', and the new lodge was sponsored by Phoenix Lodge, and met initially at the latter's premises at Modderfontein. In 1968 the Lodge started its own Building Fund, hoping to find suitable premises in Edenvale, but in the event it remained at Modderfontein until 1975, when it moved to Norwood 'temporarily', and eventually 'finally', by acquiring a quarter share in the Norwood complex.

The Lodge's secretary for 25 years, Peter Wakely Clements, described Edenvale as a 'family lodge', with (in 1987) 34 members who were blood relations and a further 10, relations by marriage. Perhaps this led to greater involvement of the ladies, who attended the festive board after the 100th meeting and have been increasingly involved with the Lodge's 'outside' activities - which include a ladies' night in 1972 when a young lady of later national fame made one of her first public appearances with her pet python!

Sadly, in 1970, a Lodge member lost both hands in a work accident, an event which touched at the hearts and pockets of his Lodge brethren, and drew prompt support from District charity and other Lodges. The final outcome was the establishment of the Edenvale Lodge Disaster Fund, which has since helped in several cases where Transvaal masons and their dependents have suffered through tragic circumstances

Reference: 'A Century of Brotherhood' by A A Cooper & D E G Vieler