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Fairview Lodge No. 3010

Consecrated 10th March 1904

Meeting at: Brakpan - Brakpan Scottish Masonic Centre, 76 Queen Street, Brakpan

Meeting Dates: 1st Thursday March(Inst), May, July, September

Contact 082 452 8459

Lodge History

Fairview Lodge Banner

The founders were a group of businessmen who lived or worked in the Johannesburg suburb of Fairview, adjoining Kensington. The emblem on the banner - a drown superimposed on a Union Jack, supported by a lion and a stag - suggests a strong British connection.

The Lodge met at the Jeppestown Masonic Hall for many years, but moved to Freemasons' Hall in Parktown when it was completed. Early members to attain Grand rank were E M Davis Marks, the Lodge's first Secretary, and B L Thurber, who went through the chair in 1914/5; and these were followed by Dr Teddy Schneider, a most distinguished member of the medical profession and the Charter Master of University Lodge (qv), and H I Cohen, who was to be the Charter Master of The Union Lodge and, inter alia, District Grand Master of the Mark. Family connections have been strong - indeed at one time there were six Meyers in the Lodge, including identical twin brothers, Thomas and Eric, who went through a joint raising in 1977. Sadly the latter died ten years later, while his brother was in the chair of the Lodge.

For many years the Lodge had a 'registered' Lodge of Improvement, operated jointly with Columbia Lodge, but since 1950 has relied on normal rehearsals.

The membership has fallen quite sharply since 1985 but the outgoing Master in 1994 reported that there had been a 'burst of enthusiasm in the Lodge', and it is to be hoped that this will continue into the future.

Reference: 'A Century of Brotherhood' by A A Cooper & D E G Vieler