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Fidelity Lodge No. 2999

Consecrated 13th February 1904

Meeting at: Volksrust - Masonic Centre, 57 Volk Street

Meeting Dates: 2nd Saturday, (ex Jan, Jul,), Inst Mar

Contact 082 852 1233

Lodge History

Volksrust, near the Natal border, was established in 1885 and with the development of the gold fields in the Transvaal, became a 'halfway house' between Natal and its northern neighbour. Settlers in the town included a few Freemasons and eventually eight of them became the founders of Fidelity Lodge. The need for a 'home' was immediately recognised and a few brethren lent the funds required, the loans being ultimately repaid, with waiver of interest. In the first five years, the lodge initiated 53 candidates and received a number of joining members. Quieter times followed, the worst periods being the first and second World Wars, and at times meetings have only just been held, while finances were sometimes at a low ebb. But notwithstanding the small membership, and the limited occupation of its premises, the lodge was able to renovate the hall in 1964 and extend the building in 1983, assisted by temporary finance since repaid.

Volkrust Lodge owes much to a few stalwarts over the years, one of whom - W Bro B Nathan - was WM four times, and was honoured with Grand rank in 1967.

Reference: 'A Century of Brotherhood' by A A Cooper & D E G Vieler