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Flame Lily Lodge No. 8540

Consecrated 24th November 1973

Meeting at: Johannesburg - Freemasons Hall, 8 Park Lane, Parktown

Meeting Dates: 2nd Friday Mar, Jun, Aug, Nov Inst Nov

Contact 082 867 4535

Lodge History

In 1973 an officer from the District of Rhodesia & Nyasaland, W Bro Bertram Keene, then living in Johannesburg, approached all other expatriates from that District residing in the Transvaal to invite their help in forming a lodge which would provide a home for masons moving south over the Limpopo.

There were 37 petitioners for the lodge, the District Grand Master of Rhodesia, RW Bro Cyl Winsor, took part in the ceremony of consecration and in his oration the District Grand Chaplain, Bro the Revd Canon Eric Richardson said:

'We are in allegory and symbolically dedicating this evening a temple for a group of brothers who have found it necessary to move from their own familiar land. Had their temple been of stone, they would have been bereft by their inability to bring it with them. But since it is not of stone, but a spiritual edifice, it is easily transplanted and here, this day, it is set up again and they may know that they are 'at home'....

With its members meeting four times a year, at 7.30 in lounge suits, and dining afterwards, this was the third full dining lodge to be formed in the Transvaal. The lodge grew steadily in strength and influence and by 1976 was able to sponsor Flame Lily Royal Arch Chapter, which had a similar dining pattern.

Many Flame Lily brethren have rendered service to the District, notably W Bro Garth van Rooyen as District Grand Secretary from 1986 to 1991 and W Bro Brad Gillies, who was District Grand Director of Ceremonies in 1987/8 and again from 1990/2, when he was appointed Assistant District Grand Master. He received Grand honours in 1991.

In 1985 Flame Lily inaugurated the practice of holding lunches four times a year at Freemasons' Hall in Parktown. These are hosted by the Chapter but open to brethren and non masons, and have proved most successful in maintaining members' interest between meetings

Reference: 'A Century of Brotherhood' by A A Cooper & D E G Vieler