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Highveld Lodge No. 7750

Consecrated 18th February 1961

Meeting at: Kinross - Mendel Spitz Masonic Hall, 18 Joel Road

Meeting Dates: 3rd Thursday (ex Dec) 2nd Sat Feb Inst Feb

Contact 079 527 1245

Lodge History

The Kinross - now known as the Evander - gold field was opened up in the 1950s and attracted many masons to the area. Some could still attend their mother lodges on the East Rand, and others joined or visited Bethel United but eventuallv it was decided to form a new lodge, which met in the Kinross Town Hall until it obtained its own Dremises.

The land for the lodge's masonic hall was donated by the Dorfan family in memory of Bro Dorfan who was unfortunately killed in the last few days of the Second World war. The masonic hall was completed in 1966, and was named after W Bro Dr Mendel Spitz, PAGDC, who had taken a leading part in promoting the formation of the lodge and in planning and carrying through the hall project.

By the early 1980s the lodge roll had built up to over 70, but the active membership suffered from the transfers characteristic of a mining area, and other factors, and some ground was lost. However, the latest reports indicate a renewed strengthening of the lodge, and for this particular credit is attributed to the Preceptor for many years, W Bro N J Nortje.

Reference: 'A Century of Brotherhood' by A A Cooper & D E G Vieler