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Kensington Lodge No. 4893

Consecrated 23th February 1927

Meeting at: Johannesburg - Kensington Hall, Cnr Roberts Ave/Ivanhoe Str., Kensington

Meeting Dates: 4th Thursday (ex Dec) Inst Mar

Contact 083 601 1731

Lodge History

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In the early 1920s Kensington developed into one of the most popular residential suburbs of Johannesburg and the only delaying factor in forming a local lodge was the lack of suitable premises. So masons resident in the area readily participated in proposals to build a community centre which, inter alia, would serve masonic requirements and the Kensington Hall was completed in time for the Consecration of the lodge in 1927. The 31 petitioners included English and Scottish masons.

Currently Kensington is a strong and active lodge and this strength is partly attributable to the fact that most of its masters have been in masonic terms on the 'younger side'. Thus 27 of its last 30 Masters are still members of the lodge and many of them give active support. Another strengthening feature has been the close association of the lodge not only with its paired lodge (Rose & Thistle, Witbank) but also with Civil Service and Fordsburg lodges, with workings being exchanged with all three.

Over the years and especially following the sale of the Masonic Hall in Jeppestown, Kensington Hall has become the meeting place for a number of lodges, chapters etc, and the facilities are being improved, with the aid of the Heritage Fund and the ultimate intention of obtaining a wide sharing of ownership participation.

Among the earlier Past Masters, two attained Grand rank, W Bros Josh Harris (Worshipful Master 1941/2) and Bob Steinmetz (Worshipful Master 1949/1950). They had fully proved their work both at Lodge and District level, with the former also being very active in a number of the additional orders.

In recent years Kensington Lodge has maintained a satisfactory membership of around 60 and is very confident of its future.

Reference: 'A Century of Brotherhood' by A A Cooper & D E G Vieler