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Phalaborwa Lodge No. 8120

Consecrated 30th July 1966

Meeting at: Phalaborowa - Moth Shell Hole, Moleaar Street

Meeting Dates: 4th Thursday (ex Dec) 4th Sat July Inst Jul

Contact 083 630 3813

Lodge History

The nearest lodge to Phalaborwa in 1966 was Letaba Lodge, meeting 110 kms away in Tzaneen, and with the locally growing population it was seen as desirable to have a lodge in Phalaborwa, a move wholly supported, and indeed sponsored by Letaba Lodge. The Charter Master was a very wellknown 'English and Irish'mason in the Northern Transvaal, the late Brigadier ('Brig') J P Coetzee.

The majority of members have been drawn from the Phalaborwa Mining Co. and following eight somewhat unsettled years a meeting place - developed and extended by the lodge itself - became available on the main property, near the mine club (the 'Hans Merensky'). The lodge ladies provide the festive board and hold annual jumble sales to cover installation expenses.

In 1973 the lodge's Master Elect was killed in an accident, which resulted in W Bro J M Pistorius - already in his second year - continuing for a third.

Bro Pistorius was to continue to give great support to the Craft and Royal Arch in the northern Transvaal and he well merited the Grand honours accorded to him in 1994.

The lodge has developed steadily and well, and the only problem, after thirty years, is the one common to Freemasonry throughout South Africa unsettled conditions, as affecting attendance and membership.

Reference: 'A Century of Brotherhood' by A A Cooper & D E G Vieler