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Roodepoort Lodge No. 2539

Consecrated 16th February 1895

Meeting at: Roodepoort - Masonic Centre, Andrew Street

Meeting Dates: 3rd Tuesday (ex Dec) Inst Mar

Contact 082 330 0604

Lodge History

One of the twelve lodges constituting the District in 1895

The intending founders were advised by a past Master of Johannesburg Lodge, John Edward Green, who played a very important part in the events leading up to the formation of the District, and in the event acted as Consecrating and Installing Officer at the consecration of Roodepoort Lodge on 16 February 1895. A building committee was appointed and after various discussions a contract was entered into for the building of a masonic hall which would also serve as a public hall. In July 1899 the foundation stone was laid, but with the South African war intervening, the lodge went into recess and the building contractor declined to continue his contract. In 1902 the lodge resumed working in the Wesleyan Church Hall, arrangements were made to complete the masonic hall and the first meeting was held there in June 1903. Eventually the municipal authorities decided to build a town hall, thereby substantially reducing the use of the masonic premises, leading to their sale, in 1937, and the development of a new masonic hall, in Rex Street which was completed in 1938.

After the Second World War the lodge had several Masters who were to give outstanding service to the District. Frank Turner, Assistant District Grand Master from 1981 to 1988, is the earliest name in the Transvaal's list of Grand officers, and Ted Ablett was to be District Grand Master from 1978to 1989 (see chapter 13). Don Cock (WM 1964/5) was also very active in the District, his offices ranging from DG Organist in 1965 to Senior Warden in 1972. He receive Grand honours in 1984.

In 1981, as the Rex Street premises had become too expensive to maintain, they were sold, although the eight lodges meeting there continued as tenants, However, together with a ninth lodge, they decided to build a new masonic centre in Andrew Street, Horizon View, the ownership to be shared, between the nine lodges concerned, on an equal Constitutional basis. The construction of the new complex proved more difficult and expensive than originally contemplated and substantial borrowing came to be necessary, but the brethren of the various lodges worked with a will to raise funds and by 1993 had paid off all but one loan of R 15,000. When the complex was consecrated in 1986 W Bro Isaac Beron was installed as WM of the New Horizons Lodge No 8703 as a tribute to the part he played in developing the scheme.

Reference: 'A Century of Brotherhood' by A A Cooper & D E G Vieler