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Standerton Lodge No. 2894

Consecrated 20th September 1902

Meeting at: Secunda - Masonic Hall, Harlem Street

Meeting Dates: 3rd Tues ex Dec (1st Sat Oct) Inst Oct

Contact 082 490 5368

Lodge History

The Standerton Lodge was sponsored by the Transvaal Lodge, supported by Port Natal Lodge, and this bridging of the gap 'on the road south' was to be taken a stage further a year later, when Standerton Lodge sponsored Fidelity Lodge No 2899 to meet in Volksrust. By then, Standerton Lodge had got off to a remarkable start, with 16 meetings (involving 41 initiations, passings and raisings) in the first year, to be followed by 22 meetings in the second year and 25 in the third!

The first meeting place was the Assembly Rooms in Standerton, but by 1905 the lodge was able to move into its own premises. These were large enough to accommodate the social functions of the town, and were let out for many purposes - which included becoming Standerton's bioscope. However in 1928 the lodge decided to build, on part of the same erf, a separate hall for masonic purposes only and this was completed in 1929 - a few days after the original building had been destroyed by fire. The lodge decided to sell the surplus land, rather than rebuild, and as a result was able to clear its debt for the new masonic hall.

Frequent movement in the local population has led to the lodge having a somewhat transient membership. Also there has been some Church opposition, while in 1937 the lodge went through a crisis in harmony which almost led to its dissolution. However in 1975 the lodge developed an association with Verona Lodge which was to prove the forerunner of 'pairing' in the District. This link came at a time when Standerton Lodge was going through a very lean period and it has been of great mutual benefit: to Standerton Lodge in terms of regular visits and support in workings from a strong town lodge, and to Verona in terms of widening its members' masonic experience. In addition, social occasions have been shared and personal friendships have developed.

Two stalwarts of the lodge of the lodge have received Grand honours. W Bro W J Joubert, who went through the chair in 1954/5, and W Bro P T Engelbrecht, the Master in 1958/9 and on three later occasions. Both have given unremitting support to the lodge, and Bro Engelbrecht helped Vrede Lodge through a very difficult period before it moved to Johannesburg.

The ladies of the lodge have given strong support over the years and have assisted in fund raising by catering not only for the lodge but for various functions in Standerton.

Reference: 'A Century of Brotherhood' by A A Cooper & D E G Vieler