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Swaziland Lodge No. 7035

Consecrated 2nd June 1951

Meeting at: Swaziland, Manzini - Masonic Hall, Maselesikhundleni/Esser Street

Meeting Dates: Last Wednesday (ex Jun, Dec) Sat following 1st Frid Jul, Inst Jul

Contact (00268) 602 1537

Lodge History

Freemasonry broke new ground when, in 1951, Swaziland Lodge became the first in that country - and simultaneously the first lodge in the Transvaal District to meet in a foreign land. And the Swaziland Lodge was to sponsor two new 'English' lodges - St. George's and Amiantos - and to work in harmony with lodges of the Scottish and Irish constitutions, formed in 1959 and 1962 respectively.

Swaziland Lodge was consecrated in Bremersdorp (now Manzini) by RW Bro J H Vivian, with the ceremony of proving the stone being conducted at the same meeting. The District Grand Master visited the lodge again in 1954 when Bro the Rev R L B Forrester, a Minister in the Swazi Government, was raised to the third degree. Distinguished members of the lodge have included D L Morgan (WM 1953/4) then the British Resident Commissioner; also Dr C C Tredway and W Bro (Pim) Lorentz (WM 1971/2) both of whose Grand honours were well eamed by dedicated and sustained service. In 1973 the lodge was honoured by a visit from Bro Harry Carr, probably the best known masonic lecturer of his day.

Since inception the lodge has attracted a consistent flow of candidates and joining members, which has helped it to overcome the problems of transient residence in a developing country. It has kept its finances in good order and has been able to give generous support to District causes

Reference: 'A Century of Brotherhood' by A A Cooper & D E G Vieler