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Unanimity Lodge No. 3372

Consecrated 26th August 1909

Meeting at: Mokopane - Masonic Hall, Ruiter Road (formally Potgietersrust)

Meeting Dates: 4th Tuesday (ex Dec) 3rd Sat Sept Inst Sep

Contact 082 460 8371

Lodge History

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In the aftermath of the South African war there was an influx of English speaking settlers to the Potgietersrus District, the need for a lodge was perceived and with help from Transvaal and Zoutpansberg Liberty Lodges, Unanimity Lodge was established. There were nineteen meetings in the first year, but the Lodge lacked a home, which was provided, at a cost of 1,010 Pounds, in the following year. This lasted until 1959 when the masonic hall used today was erected and opened just 50 years after the consecration of the Lodge.

After a strong start the fortunes of the Lodge fluctuated, with especially quiet periods during the two world wars. The first member to receive Grand honours was A Gilbertson and there was an interesting, perhaps unique, event during his Mastership. Bro Goodrich asked that his brethren should lay the foundation stone of a church he proposed building in his wife's memory, and this ceremony was carried out by Bro Gilbertson in the presence of the District Grand Master. Other members honoured by Grand Lodge were A P Hawken, who initiated four sons into the Lodge, W M Jeffery, a joining member from the Scottish, who became 'unofficial advisor and preceptor' to most of the lodges in the Northern Transvaal and, in 1993, John Hawken, who has ably carried on the family tradition of support for the Lodge and for the Order.

Reference: 'A Century of Brotherhood' by A A Cooper & D E G Vieler