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The Worshipful Society of Free Masons

Rough Masons, Wallers, Slaters, Paviours, Plaisterers & Bricklayers

(The Operatives)

Northwards House Assemblage

W Bro L A Martin

Deputy Grand Master Mason VIIth Degree

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History and Origin

Operatives JewelThe full title of this Order is the Worshipful Society of Free Masons, Rough Masons, Walkers, Slaters, Paviours, Plaisterer's and Bricklayers.

The constitutions of the Society state that the Order was founded in 1913, although claims of certain members (circa 1910) hinted at a much more ancient vintage. A paper by W Bro Thomas Carr published in the 1911-12 Transactions of the Leicester Lodge of Research No 2429 explained much of the ceremonial working of the 'Operative' Lodge. In due course on 21 May 1913, the Channel Row Assemblage was recon­stituted (?) at Bedford House, just off the Strand, when W Bro Carr officiated as Enthroning Master under a special letter of authority, issued by 'the Masters' and signed by the Secretary of the York Division (W Bro Clement E. Stretton).

The ritual of 'the Operatives' as they are familiarly called, is more archaic in form and much fuller than that of 'the Speculatives', containing practical instruction of which only echoes are found in speculative ritual, thereby providing an interesting field of study for the serious masonic student. The degrees of the Society are seven in number, namely:

  • I° Indentured Apprentice
  • II Fellow of the Craft
  • III° Super-Fellow, Fitter & Marker
  • IV° Super-Fellow, Setter Erector
  • V° Intendent, Overseer, Superintendant & Warden
  • VI° Passed Master
  • VII° Passed Grand Master Mason

There are at present some ten Assemblages of the Society spread throughout England, two of which meet in London.

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Reference: 'Beyond the Craft' by Keith B Jackson. Published by: Ian Allan Publishing

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Assemblage Meeting Places
Assemblage Meeting Place
Northwards House Assemblage Johannesburg, Rivonia

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