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The Order of the Secret Monitor

R Worthy Bro B F McDermott

District Grand Supreme Ruler

V Worthy Bro L B Shaw, P.G.V.

Deputy District Grand Supreme Ruler

Worthy Bro C N Burn, PG Sword Bearer

Assistant District Grand Supreme Ruler

Secret Monitor

District Grand Secretary:

Worthy Bro. R J Woodward, PG Sword Bearer
Merrow Down Country Club
Private Bag X11
Bryanston 2021

Home Phone: 082 824 3425
Cell Phone: 082 379 4889
Email: richward@iafrica.com

History and Origin

OSM JewelWhile the first references to the Order of David and Jonathan are known to be of Dutch origin, the Secret Monitor arose in America as a side degree conferred by any mason who had received it himself. It was brought to England by Dr I. Zacharie when he returned from America (following the Civil War) around 1875. Under his leadership a Grand Council was formed in 1887 and the ritual was extended when a further two degrees were added, one of which pertained to the chair of Supreme Ruler.

The degrees gained in popularity, but this success was to bring about a series of unfortunate events, for in the meantime the Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees had been em­powered by an American body (of similar name) to confer their version of the degree. This resulted in the Allied body denouncing the Grand Council of the Order of the Secret Monitor and attempting to assume sole jurisdiction over the degree, but in spite of this Dr Zacharie's group prospered. Regretfully a period of over 37 years elapsed, during which both orders were conferring a Secret Monitor degree, but the matter was finally resolved in 1931 when C. W. Napier­Clavering was in the favourable position of being Grand Supreme Ruler and also Grand Master of Allied Masonry. He then implemented an agreement transferring all rights to the Grand Council of the Order of the Secret Monitor and the degree was removed from the list of degrees of the Allied body.

The Order comprises of the following degrees:

  1. Secret Monitor
  2. Prince
  3. Supreme Ruler

Reference: 'Beyond the Craft' by Keith B Jackson. Published by: Ian Allan Publishing

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District Grand Conclave Executive 2023 - 2024


Back Row: Wy.Bro. Yash Jivan – District Grand Guide, Wy.Bro. Mark Smith – District Grand Director of Ceremonies, Wy.Bro. Richard Woodward – District Grand Recorder, Wy.Bro. Richard Hawthorne – District Grand Registrar, Wy.Bro. Lawrence Atrash – District Grand Counsellor

Front Row: V.Wy.Bro. Leighton Shaw – Deputy District Grand Supreme Ruler, R.Wy.Bro. Brian McDermott – District Grand Supreme Ruler, Wy.Bro. Charles Burn – Assistant District Grand Supreme Ruler

Conclave Meeting Places
Conclave Meeting Place
Sentinel Conclave No. 22 Johannesburg, Park Lane
Transvaal Conclave No. 30 Co-Masonry Temple,Craighall
Gemini Conclave No. 41 Johannesburg, Country Club
Friendship Conclave No. 104 Phoenix, Mauritius
Arcadia Conclave No. 145 Pretoria, The Willows
Lion of the North Conclave No. 167 Louis Trichardt - Masonic Hall, 127 Munnik Street
Blue Diamond Conclave No. 183 Kimberley
Benoni Conclave No. 202 Kensington
Eastern Tvl Conclave No. 213 Middelburg And Witbank
Volksrust Conclave No. 254 Newcastle
United Conclave No. 308 Manzini - Pim Lorentz Memorial Hall, Esser Street
Jonathan Conclave No. 312 Kinross - Mendel Spitz Masonic Hall, 18 Joel Road
Centenary Golden Harvest Conclave No. 398 Johannesburg, Park Lane

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