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Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Rite
District of South Africa, North East

V Ill Bro. C N Burn, 33rd Degree

Inspector General

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District Recorder:

Ill Bro. R N Fahrenheim, 32nd Degree
115 Seventh Street
Parkmore 2196

Work Phone: 011 789 5885
Cell Phone: 082 442 9162
Email: richard@fahrenheim.org

Please also visit the website of the Supreme Council for England and Wales

History and Origin

Rose Croix 18th JewelWhile some of the degrees within this Rite may have had an earlier origin, the Rite as such appears to have germinated around the early 1760s when a list of 25 degrees were drawn up, several of which were probably in name only. While there were various rival bodies controlling Rites of so-called Scott­ish degrees, it was the Grand Lodge of France in conjunction with the Council of Knights of the East who deputed Stephen Morin to promulgate Masonry in the West Indies, and from his labours Scottish Rite Masonry in America took its footing. By about 1765 a Rite of Perfection of 25 degrees was being practised both in Continental Europe and the Americas, and towards the end of the century the Rite was increased to 33 degrees. In 1801 a Supreme Council was formed in Charles­ton, South Carolina and in 1819 a patent was granted to the Duke of Sussex to form a Supreme Council in England, but he failed to act upon it, probably due to his keen desire to see the United Grand Lodge consolidate its 'purist' policy, which of course excluded all chivalric degrees, because from around 1775 the Rose Croix degree had been worked as a final or 'Ne plus ultra' degree of most English Knight Templar encamp­ments. It was not until 1845 that the Supreme Council for England and Wales was formed and eventually assumed con­trol of all independent Rose Croix degrees.

The degrees of the Rite are:

  1. Apprentice (Not worked by the Supreme Council)
  2. Companion (Not worked by the Supreme Council)
  3. Master (Not worked by the Supreme Council)
  4. Secret Master
  5. Perfect Master
  6. Intimate Secretary
  7. Provost & Judge
  8. Intendant of the Buildings
  9. Elect of Nine
  10. Elect of Fifteen
  11. Sublime Elect
  12. Grand Master Architect
  13. Royal Arch of Enoch
  14. Grand Elect Perfect and Sublime Master
  15. Knight of the Sword or of the East
  16. Prince of Jerusalem
  17. Knight of the East & West
  18. Knight of the Pelican and Eagle and Sovereign Prince Rose Croix of H.R.D.M.
  19. Grand Pontiff
  20. Venerable Grand Master
  21. Patriarch Noachite
  22. Prince of Libanus
  23. Chief of the Tabernacle
  24. Prince of the Tabernacle
  25. Knight of the Brazen Serpent
  26. Prince of Mercy
  27. Commander of the Temple
  28. Knight of the Sun
  29. Knight of St Andrew
  30. Grand Elected Knight K.H., Knight of the Black and White Eagle
  31. Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander
  32. Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret
  33. Sovereign Grand Inspector General

It is normal for one or two of the intermediate degrees (4°­17°) to be demonstrated in full in South Africa every year; understandably such meetings are very well supported. Today there are in excess of 1190 Chapters owing allegiance to this sovereign body, and while the majority are situated in England and Wales the Supreme Council has warranted chapters of this Order in over 20 different countries.

Reference: 'Beyond the Craft' by Keith B Jackson. Published by: Ian Allan Publishing

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Chapter Meeting Places
Chapter Meeting Place
Alpha Chapter No. 110 Johannesburg, Park Lane
Calvary Chapter No. 920 Boksburg, Jubilee Road
Concordia Chapter No. 758 Swaziland, Manzini - Masonic Hall, Maselesikhundleni/Esser Street
Corona Chapter No. 153 Johannesburg, Park Lane
Germiston Chapter No. 640 Germiston, Temple Sinai
Kensington Chapter No. 837 Johannesburg, Kensington
Kosmos Chapter No. 337 Johannesburg, Park Lane
Lowveld Chapter No. 928 Nelspruit
Omega Chapter No. 821 Johannesburg, Park Lane
St Vitus Chapter No. 1188 Johannesburg, Park Lane
White River Chapter No. 962 Johannesburg, Kensington
Witwatersrand Chapter No. 297 Johannesburg, Park Lane

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